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Feasibility studies and final design

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By level of study.

Project Profile. Exposure of the idea to make with its supporting social, technical and economic assessment. Sketches and plans has backup.
Pre-Feasibility. Study Project in economic and social terms, to view your convenience.
Feasibility. Project evaluation from a socioeconomic and environmental Technical entire project using secondary information.
Final Design. Technical Study project from primary information obtained.
Feasibility studies and final design

There are two steps that can be addressed with a single consultant.

The first will tell whether it is feasible and we can move on to the second stage
In the second stage, knowing that the project is feasible we can make major investments to develop the Final Design Project
Final Design

It is divided into the following studies:

Socioeconomic Study
Analysis of existing populations
Analysis of Production Area
Characteristics of Human Settlements and their movements
Public and private services in their area
Quantifying Economic Benefits and Costs
Empathy with the project beneficiaries, direct beneficiary surveys
Quantification of the effects on the land and compensation
Evaluation in the HDM (Feasibility)
Environmental Study
Study of flora and fauna biodiversity
Endangered species or risk
Determination of archaeological sites
Determination of the area's cultural air
Determination of risk in human settlements and their relationship with the project
Determining environmental affectations at various stages. (Environmental File)
Quantifying EIA mitigation measures
Technical Study
Traffic Study
Study of the behavior of transport in the area
Traffic count, and its projection
Categorization of the type of road
Establishment Project Vehicle
Determination of TPD and its projection
Calculation of equivalent axles and future
Calculation of equivalent axles for design
Geological Survey.
Preparation of geological map
Determining faults sectors
Dip Slope Study
Determination of earrings recommended for cut and fill slopes in
Determination of Material Banks
Geotechnical Study
Map production geotechnical
Carrying out geotechnical tests. Soil characteristics, classification, grading, CBR, Plate, performance, density, moisture, limits. Etc.
Determination of poor soils
Land use in the work
Hydrological Study
Precipitation Study
Missing Data Correlation
Plane Isohyets
Study of surface flow
Study of groundwater flow
Determination of flow
Hydraulic Design
Verification of surface and groundwater flows
Design artwork: culverts, gullies, ditches
Determination gauge bridges required
Design of supplementary works: pipes, channels, etc.
Pavement Design
Folder Structural Design
Pavement Design Alternatives in several
Structural Design
Structural Design of Bridges
Structural design of retaining walls
Structural design and Viaducts Distributors
Highway Geometric Design.
Collection of information
Study of alternatives
Choosing alternative
Survey topographic
Categorization of the road (CNS)
Determination of design parameters
Setting the speed guideline
Design of horizontal alignment
Design of vertical alignment
Design of the transverse sections
Calculation of Earthworks
Mass diagram Compensation
Determination of the ROW
Geometric Design

Compilation of existing information:

aerial photography, photogrammetry
satellite photograph (google earth)
Plans 1:250000, 1:50000 IGM
Existing Projects
Plans geological, geotechnical
Rainfall and temperature data
Alternatives Study
Consideration of steps required, bridge crossings, villages, etc..
Line stroke zeros for different alternatives
Lengths and cost comparison
Land Survey
Establishment of basic polygonal
Setting coordinates of the traverse base by precision surveying
Lifting the cloud of points for the chosen axis every 20 m
Lift all the details, walls, trees, poles, channels, services, side roads, buildings, etc..
Geometric leveling
Terrain model generation
Categorization of way
According to the manual CNS
Establishing design parameters
Speed ​​choice guideline
Classification of topography, where it crosses the road
Determination of the speeds of design
Design of Horizontal Alignment
Design of circular curves
Transition Design (clotoidal, sine, cosine, square, etc.).
Calculation of Over-widths
Vertical Alignment Design
Flush Design
Slope Control
Designing vertical curves
Cross sections Design
Design Superelevations
Pumping Control
Berms Design
Design of gutters
Transition Design
Type design in cut and fill slopes
Calculation of Earthworks
In each section establishing cut and fill volumes
Sum of cut and fill volumes
Compensation Mass Diagram
Elaboration diagram masses
Determination of carries and carries
Determination of the ROW
Determining the optimal cross section for the safe movement of vehicles
Establishment of the strip of right of way of the road
Collection of all items to be used by all specialists
Preparation of a final budget for the construction of the work

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